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HOOPMASTER Forfeit fee


If YOU are a FIRST time participant in the HOOPMASTER, OR a team that we have previously had an attendance problem with, we require a 50.00 per team forfeit fee.  This fee is refunded on the Monday following the event if you have participated in all your games. (this is not meant to punish first timers, but to ensure teams will stay for all their games). but the $50.00 forfeit fee for 1st year teams can be in the form of a personal check as we do not cash that, unless you forfeit a game, cancel a game, or are a no show for ANY reason. - this fee will be returned to your charged card, following the event if sent online, or in person at the end of the event if given a check, as long as your team/s participated in all their games.  Returning teams who forfeited games in the past, skipped games or had previously caused schedule problems, will also be required to provide a new forfeit fee.

(sorry no checks will be accepted, except for 50.00 deposit) to:

Please include your TEAM NAME and age group on your entry fee!

Sho-me Sports

P.O. Box 388

Lebanon, MO  65536-0388

Contact us at or call us at 417-588-9255.

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