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NCAA Requirements

   ALL coaches and teams must FIRST obtain or RENEW their USAB gold license number and team Certification  BEFORE they can participate in NCAA Certified events. 
   This USAB link is to be used for RENEWING an existing USAB gold license
or for obtaining a USAB gold license for the first time: 




  PLEASE READ this important info FROM NCAA

Beginning in 2017, the NCAA made it mandatory that all individuals that engage in coaching activities at an NCAA certified event must obtain a USA Basketball Gold Coach License PRIOR to participation. To complete the program, you will need to do the following: access the internet to create an account, complete the USA Basketball Youth Development Course, complete the NCAA eligibility course, complete SafeSport certification, and pass a criminal background check. A valid credit card is also needed to pay for the USA Basketball Gold Coach License.

Coaches should allow AT LEAST 2 weeks to process. REGISTER EARLY

Once you are approved you are cleared to be on the sidelines from the date of completion through August 31 of each year.

Coaches and athletes should RENEW their previously created BBCS account and NOT create a new account. This is done by logging in to their existing account and updating the information on their profile rather than selecting Register as a New User button

All coaches must also register their teams with the NCAA, which includes coaches' information roster and all events that your team will be attending. This information must be checked off (opt in) in order for you to participate in any open viewing evaluation event. Both of these steps must be completed for ANY AGE team participating in a NCAA Certified Event.

All ATHLETES participating must also go through an online process to be able to play in a certified event as well. Coaches will not be able to put them into their rosters online until their athlete has completed this step.


To see the full ECAG (Event Certification & Approvals Group) manual for COACHES & ATHLETES to access guidelines, legislation, and step by step on how to use the new BBCS:

All roster/coaches information must be in BOTH the Sho-me Sports & the NCAA systems 7 days prior to an event. To ensure we have all the proper information for the College Coaches that attend our events AND to stay compliant with the NCAA

To register with the NCAA see the links to the left.




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