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Listed are just a few (but not all) of the teams/organizations that have played the last couple of years.
Most bring multiple teams.

Girls Teams                                                                            Boys Teams

TC HOOPS                                                                               C-PHASE

Skyy High                                                                                 Rolla Dawgs

Columbia Sparkz                                                                     KC Keys

Columbia Storm                                                                     Columbia Elite

Hoops Express                                                                       Missouri Combat

Energy                                                                                     KC Highlites

Tri-State Storm                                                                      St. Louis Wolves

GFS Ballers                                                                             South Central Fury

Edge                                                                                         Mid Mo Elite

Capital City Hawks                                                                 Columbia Wizards

Team Adidas                                                                            St. Louis Wildcats

Hoplites                                                                                    Columbia Kings

Midwest Select                                                                       Emo Elite

Shockers                                                                                  Jeff City Storm

Mo Sting                                                                                  MoGym Rats

Kansas Lady Tigers                                                                KC Epic

Blue Devils                                                                              S.IL Redhawks
Raiders                                                                                    Jets
Liberty                                                                                     Pistons
Edwardsville Elite                                                                     Hawgs
Washington Stars                                                                     Spurs
Mercury                                                                                   Twin City Longhorns
Crush                                                                                       Inferno
Monarchs                                                                                 Nixa Eagles Red
Stars                                                                                        Showtime
Sho-me Heat                                                                            St. Louis Salukis
Semo Cats                                                                                Magic
Lady Monarchs II                                                                     Missouri Cougars
Semo Cats II                                                                            Mo-Flight
Sho- me Heat Blue                                                                   Inferno
Swish                                                                                       Prophets II
St. Louis Comets                                                                     Prophets I
St. Louis Stars                                                                         Washington Kings
Hot Shots                                                                                 Extreme Speed
Farmington Max                                                                       Prophets III
Swarm Premiere                                                                       Jets
MMBC Storm                                                                         Valley Springs
Edwardsville Elite                                                                     Warriors
7th Swarm Elite                                                                        St. Louis Hawks
Jets-Tidwell                                                                             Traveling Soldiers
St. Louis Lady Cougars                                                            Iron Men
7th Monarchs                                                                            Rage
Rim Rockers                                                                            North County    
St. Joe Griffs                                                                           6th Pistons
Mineral Area Xtreme                                                              6th Jets
Cyclones                                                                                 Washington Saints
STLSC Blue Cyclones                                                            Jets Orange
Lady Crush                                                                              St. Louis Swarm
Lady Braves                                                                             Spartans
Hoopstars Midwest                                                                 Rockwood Nomads
SE Dynasty                                                                             The Program
Dragons                                                                                   Rebels
St. Charles Flames                                                                  St. Louis Gameface
Sparks                                                                                     semo Panthers
Comets                                                                                   Wehmeyer Farms "Wiz"
Lady Falcons                                                                          Lourdes Warriors
Farmington Knets                                                                   Hawgs
Mineral Area Sparks                                                               Edwardsville Cats
 MO PUPS                                                                              Southern Illinois Advance Jr. Elites
Semo Swarm                                                                          Southeast Flyers
Lady Spurs                                                                               North County Greyhounds
Elite Challenge                                                                        Wolfpack
Lady Dawgs                                                                            Force
Breese Bobcats                                                                        MIssouri Rush
Wildcats                                                                                   Rockets
Lady Renegades                                                                       Semo Mustangs
Sullivan Swish                                                                          The Sixers
Ladybugs                                                                                  Gators
                                                                                                 St. Louis Xplosion
                                                                                                 J-Rock Ballers
                                                                                                Waynesville Tigers
                                                                                                 Gateway Gunners
                                                                                                  Mineral Area Select








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