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Competition Rules


High School Boys and Girls Rules with the following exceptions.  

High school ages - 15 minute stop time halves. 

Middle School & Elementary  - 12 minute stop time halves

Boys 6th grade division competitions shall use the 28.5 circumference ball.

Boys 7th - 12th grade division competitions shall use the standard boys ball.

All Girls division competitions shall use the standard girls 28.5 circumference ball.


* Recreational Divisions are allowed to full court press until a 15 point lead, at which time, the winning team, must pull off the press. 


Maximum of 15 kids and 2 coaches per roster.


Teams that have both a dark and light uniform need to bring them.  Problems that arise from both teams not having a different color will be the accepted by the participating teams prior to playing.


Teams are responsible for supplying their own basketballs, tape, and first aid supplies, and an official score keeper(visiting team) or clock keeper (home team). 


Athletes can only play on one team per age group unless separate divisions.


PLEASE BRING us a copy of your legible roster to the event and have a Current Grade Card with each Athletes name on it for proof of grade, if requested.


Top AAU teams are welcome but are required to play in OPEN divisions, and NEED to play UP an age group.  


Please register to your teams real age group but let us know your request to play up.



Teams must furnish one Quiet Responsible Adult scorekeeper for each game played. 

If unable, or would prefer not to provide, a $15.00 fee per game will be charged to the Head Coach at Check-in.
If you know ahead of time, that you will not be bringing/providing a scorekeeper/clock keeper please notify us ahead of time so we may have someone available to provide the service!







This is a picture taken at the Hoopmaster Classic
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