Why the 21th Annual Meltdown?

For 20 years the Meltdown Basketball Event has been a Summer Travel Basketball Favorite. Why? Different reasons include, no matter what City or University that the Meltdown has been held at, the Coaches and Teams alike will tell you - the unique format, the great competition for all levels, Top notch facilities all close to each other, not to mention the very affordable price, put the Meltdown Series in the category of "Summer Favorite" 50% of our Teams are repeat coaches bringing us teams each season. We NCAA Certify the event so College Coaches and Scouts and come and see you play in person while at the event. We Video and Stream games online for those Coaches who cant make it, or those who need to view again at a later date.

Come See for yourself why the Meltdown needs to be on your Calendar!

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